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Reading together. Rising together.

The Rising Readers Club was initiated to recognise and work toward the need for community-wide reading habits across the country. To encourage the growth of reading cultures by acknowledging them as essential to the process of education, Rising Readers Clubs run through various spaces: offices, schools, colleges, private groups, institutions and organisations. All you have to do is bring together people who read or wish to read, get them to commit to your RRC and take your reading beyond the club to help other readers rise. 

It's like any other book club, but with a strong sense of purpose. 

We encourage already functioning book clubs to become a Rising Readers Club- all you have to do is contact us and get your club registered. 

After becoming a part of any RRC chapter, there are several ways for you to become a part of the movement. Following is a list of ideas, but you're also welcome to come up with your own ways-

  • You may donate books,

  • Engage in storytelling sessions with someone who requires exposure to stories and reading

  • Help the underprivileged by building reading schedules with them and facilitating their reading journeys

  • Visit NGOs with books that can get the young students hooked to the idea of reading

  • Donate books to someone in need or an institution that can reach these people in need.

After each meeting, all members of a chapter have to fill up the affidavit linked below that confirms they have engaged in an activity that fulfils the sense of commitment that RRC bases itself on. These affidavits are then collected by chapter coordinators before the following book meet. 

Reading Together
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